How to Plan a Successful Bridal Shower: The Bridesmaids' Best Friend Guide


How to Plan a Successful Bridal Shower: The Bridesmaids' Best Friend Guide

These tips will help you plan a bridal shower that will be a smash hit with the bride and fun for every guest.

How to Plan a Successful Bridal Shower The Bridesmaids Best Friend Guide
How to Plan a Successful Bridal Shower The Bridesmaids Best Friend Guide

Starting to plan a bridal shower can be stressful. There are so many tasks to keep track of, things to pay for, and people to coordinate with. Not to mention options. There are as many options and bridal shower ideas as there are unique brides. It can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Thankfully, How to Plan a Successful Bridal Shower: The Bridesmaids’ Best Friend Guide is here to help.

Broken down into easy-to-follow tips and reminders, this guide will help you plan the perfect DIY bridal shower for your bride. No expert bridal shower planner required. These tips apply to any kind of shower, whether it’s an elegant evening shower soiree or boozy backyard bash with tons of fun bridal shower games. And if you know nothing about party planning, this guide will help you out with some basic tips for how to plan a bridal shower. All you have to do is follow along as these tips guide you through throwing a bridal shower and watch the magic of bridal shower planning unfold. 

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Tips for How to Plan a Bridal Shower

  1. Plan Your Budget
    This may be the most important step to success when planning a bridal shower. Knowing how much you can afford dictates every aspect of the shower, from location, to theme, to food, to the number of guests invited. It’s crucial to plan your budget first, then choose your theme, location, date, and menu afterward. Remember, your budget has to cover venu, food, decorations, favors, tips for vendors (if applicable), any general party planning supplies. It's important to know your numbers up front. 

  2. Have a Plan and Stay organized
    Even if you’re the type of person who thrives in an “organized chaos” kind of environment, now is not the time to let your love for clutter reign. Make yourself a binder where you can keep receipts, planning notes, copies of the menu and guest list, etc. It may be helpful to print out a bridal shower planning checklist (pictured) and check off the items as you complete them so that you have a specific timeline of what needs to be done when. Whatever your plan is, be sure to follow it. And click that picture below if you haven't already found a bridal shower planning checklist you love!

  3. Don’t Go Overboard
    Once you’re in full party-planning mode, it can be easy to get carried away. (Thanks, Pinterest.) But do you really need those hand painted china cups as party favors? And does everyone simply have to wear frocks and gloves to your afternoon tea party (pictured)? Probably not. Remember, sometimes less is more. You don’t want to get so carried away that you go over budget.

  4. Know Your Bride
    You probably already do, since it’s your job to plan the bridal shower. However, it’s important to keep her in mind during the planning process. What does she like? What does she find cheesy or annoying? You may love the idea of hiring a sketch artist to create funny cartoon portraits of the guests, but your bride might not.   

  5. Get Help
    Despite how it may feel, you’re not alone. The other bridesmaids are there to help, esepcially if you bribe them with a small gift like this Birdesmaid Coconut Sugar Scrub (pictured). And the bride’s family would probably love to lend a hand as well. You don’t have to handle planning a bridal shower all on your own.

  6. Have a Backup Plan
    Things will go wrong. The florist will substitute garden roses for peonies. The caterer will be running 40 minutes late. Be prepared for these eventualities and have a backup plan in place for the potential major catastrophes, like the venue falling through last minute or the bride getting sick and needing to reschedule.

  7. Stay Calm
    This is definitely the hardest task on this list, but it’s (almost) the most important. It can be easy to stress out over every little detail when you’re planning a bridal shower. But remember that the exact china pattern the venue is providing or whether the bridal shower favors are pink instead of mauve won’t really matter in the long run. Keep things in perspective and try to have fun with your planning!

What kind of shower are you planning for your bride?

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