How to Make Paper Flowers: 40 DIY Wedding Ideas


How to Make Paper Flowers: 40 DIY Wedding Ideas

Add a special handmade touch to your DIY wedding with these beautiful paper flower ideas.


How to Make Paper Flowers 40 DIY Wedding Ideas

"Til death do us part." Say what you mean and mean what you say to your wedding bouquet by crafting it out of paper so it never wilts. As your love is everlasting, so too should be your gorgeous arrangement that accompanies you down the aisle to your happily ever after. Your bouquet isn't the only beautiful bunch that can last forever. Check out How to Make Paper Flowers: 40 DIY Wedding Ideas!

Use the amazing ideas below to create everlasting flower chandeliers, garlands, table runners, and more. Achieve that refreshing look without worrying about wilting when you handcraft DIY paper flowers for your wedding day.

This collection of amazing DIY wedding tutorials will teach you how to make paper flowers that look incredibly realistic. Spritz them with a subtle floral fragrance, and guests will never know that your blooms are faux. Unlike other brides, you'll get to take your wedding details home with you as mementos of the first day of the rest of your life.

DIY paper flower bouquets are not only inexpensive but also personal. While florists' bouquets can be gorgeous, DIY bouquets have a special ingredient: love. Whether you make your paper flowers or someone close to you does, you'll feel the love radiating from these details.

Each of these tutorials can be customized to fit your wedding theme and color scheme, and they're varied, allowing you to make your favorite flower. Learn how to make paper roses, anemones, peonies, and more with these insanely brilliant ideas. Guests will, no doubt, be blown away by your skill, savvy, and style when your wedding details include paper flowers.

Learn how you can make your very own paper flower decoration. Check out the step-by-step video tutorial below.

How to Make a Paper Flower Bouquet

Italian Love Affair Ranunculus Bouquet

Walk down the aisle holding an arrangement that is completely unique. These tutorials that teach you how to make a paper flower bouquet are easy to follow and brilliantly original.

Your wedding will certainly stand out when you enter the ceremony holding a breathtaking DIY bouquet.

Guests' jaws will drop when they learn that your incredible bundle is made from paper.

How to Make Paper Flowers

Ultra Realistic Paper Flower Peonies

Bouquets aren't the only way to show off your paper flower skills. Hang your DIY paper flowers from the ceiling, scatter them on the tables, and let them tower over you in a whimsical way to really make a statement.

Costs will remain low when you use paper rather than fresh blooms to decorate your space.

Plus, you'll be able to keep these details forever. Browse this list for ideas on how to make paper flowers work at your wedding.

DIY Paper Flower Wedding Decorations

Watercolor Paper Flower DIY Wreath

Make paper flower wreaths, garlands, and more with these fun and easy tutorials. Your guests will not believe these are paper when they see them.

Everyone will be asking you to teach them how to make paper flowers when their weddings roll around!

Did you find a paper flower you really love in our "How to Make Paper Flowers" section? Tweak the crafts below to reflect your newfound skillset.

BONUS! Top 5 Prettiest DIY Paper Crafts to Make

Elegant Wax Paper Backdrop

If you've mastered our "How to Make Paper Flowers" section above, here are five other amazingly pretty paper crafts to make for your wedding! When it comes to paper, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

You can create beautiful, one-of-a-kind DIY wedding decorations without busting your budget.

Whether you plan to make a paper backdrop or a handcrafted favor box, these paper projects are truly a cut above the rest. Find the ideal finishing touch for your wedding day decor today.

Which do you prefer for a wedding - real flowers or paper flowers? Leave a comment below!

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I would prefer paper flowers for my wedding and use the money saved for other parts of the wedding such as food.

I prefer real flowers

I love the look and smell of real flowers! They can be wildly expensive, but I sometimes feel as though they're totally worth it. However, coming across AFDIYW - I've seen some STUNNING arrangements made using paper flowers. It blows me away every time.

I prefer real flowers for a wedding. Although real flowers can be expensive you can do beautiful arrangements for tables with just a few flowers. I do like the fact of paper flowers but I think I would use for special parties or as a hostess gift for paper flowers if done right can be beautiful too.

I think I would prefer real flowers for a wedding. Just because they are so gorgeous and smell good. I think paper flowers would be cool decor though.

I love real flowers and always have a preference for them, even though they are pricey and don't last. There are some beautiful artificial(paper) flowers however, and they do have a place in decorating and as lasting and thoughtful gifts.

I think I would prefer real flowers for that special day.

I don't like wasting money on things that won't last, so I'd rather DIY flowers for the centerpieces and decor because you might be able to use them again. However, I think I'd still like my bouquet to be made of real flowers.

I'd probably save the real flowers for just the bouquet. I'd skip the flowers for the rest of the decor and either go with these cool paper flowers or something else I could DIY. Real flowers are way too expensive I prefer something with more of a personal touch!

I think for the bouquets, I would prefer real flowers. For the decorations, though, fake (in this case, paper) flowers easily do the trick! Not only does this method cut costs (especially if you have enough crafty friends who owe you a favor or two ) ), but you can hardly spot too much of a difference from far away.

For a bouquet I prefer real flowers, but for table garlands and other decor, I love the idea of paper flowers. They look beautiful, AND they save money!

For centerpieces and decoration, I can see going the DIY route and using paper flowers to cut down on expenses... but for photos, I think nothing beats the beauty of real flowers so... both!

Flowers are one of the largest expenses in a wedding, so paper flowers are a great way to cut costs without anyone noticing. It would be difficult to make paper bouquets for an entire wedding, but even having them as the bridal bouquet reception centerpieces would save a lot of money!

I actually prefer paper flowers because real ones tend to make me sneeze! That being said, real flowers do look fabulous in pictures so I guess it would depend on the flowers!

While I love the look of paper flowers, I feel like making ALL paper flowers for your big day would be a lot of work!!

I prefer real flowers. Their fragrance and naturalness really add something to your atmosphere. But, if you are on a very tight budget and cannot afford them, paper flowers are a great alternative to turn to. In many cases they really look like the real thing and will add some beauty.

I think it depends. I had an indoor wedding, so I wanted to bring some natural elements inside with real flowers. Paper flowers can also look lovely and might work well for an outdoor wedding!

For ours, we went with paper flowers, and it was one of the best decisions we made. We gave out many of our centerpieces, and with paper flowers, they became keepsakes that family members could hold on to for a long, long time. We still have a couple around our home it's just so nice to have your flower decor as a tangible memento!

I'm getting married next year--and I have 7 bridesmaids! That's a lot of bouquets. I don't want to spend a thousand dollars on flowers that are ultimately going to go to waste, so I'm doing faux bouquets for the bridesmaids, faux floral centerpieces, and fresh flowers for my own bouquet. PS: If you're doing real flowers, I recommend arranging to have them donated to a nursing home or church! My cousin spent $4,000 on flowers and ended up throwing them all in the trash!

I just can't imagine spending over a thousand dollars on flowers for my own wedding, so I'm definitely planning on using faux flowers for the centerpieces, at least. Some of them look just like the real thing in photos. Though I might have my own bouquet be a mix of paper flowers and real ones.

I think a mix of both can work really beautifully. That way you're able to save money and keep some of the lovely arrangements without being stuck with dozens of extras you'd end up throwing away.

I think paper flowers would be gorgeous to decorate with at a wedding, but for the bouquet, I'd have to go with the real thing!

Oh goodness, I just love real flowers. There's just something about the actual thing that makes the atmosphere so much more magical

Both are great but you can't beat the fact that paper flowers (if made well) can look just as beautiful and will last as a remembrance that you can use in your home for years after. So, I choose paper flowers!

I just love real flowers! I don't care if they last, or not, and I love the smell and natural look of them.

To save money, my sister used plastic flowers for her wedding. I was nervous because I thought they'd look cheap, but you really couldn't tell! We used the plastic flowers for her bouquet and the bridesmaids' bouquets. Although they worked well, I would still opt for real flowers.

I really like the idea of using paper flowers! They would be much more affordable and you can keep them forever. It's a win-win!

There's something so classic about roses, so I tend to go for those types of paper flowers.


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