How to Write a Knockout Father of the Bride Speech


How to Write a Knockout Father of the Bride Speech

These tips will give you some wedding toast ideas and help you write a memorable father of the bride speech.

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How to Write a Knockout Father of the Bride Speech
How to Write a Knockout Father of the Bride Speech

It’s your daughter’s wedding day. She looks absolutely beautiful in the wedding dress of her dreams, and she’s glowing with wedded bliss while snuggling with her new spouse at the head table. All the guests have taken their seats, and it’s time to kick off the reception. That’s your cue to begin your father of the bride speech. Your daughter looks at you with loving eyes, and it's time to speak to all the guests who have gathered to celebrate this joyful day. But what do you say?

Giving your father of the bride toast can be nerve wracking. How can you possibly say everything you’re thinking and feeling about the happiest day of your daughter’s life? Don’t worry, this guide on How to Write a Knockout Father of the Bride Speech will help you get organized and plan a wedding speech that will make your daughter proud. All you have to do is follow these basic tips, speak from your heart, be prepared, and your wedding speech will go off without a hitch. Your daughter will love your heartfelt words and the guests will appreciate your short but meaningful toast.

Father of the Bride Toast: Wedding Speech Ideas

Getting Started

  1. Keep It Short
    Your father of the bride toast doesn’t have to be long. 2-3 minutes is typical, so don’t feel like you need to talk for 20 minutes. Keeping it short and sweet is your best bet.

  2. Write It Out
    Writing out your wedding speech ideas word for word, or writing out bullet points of what you want to say, is a good way to eliminate the stress of memorizing your sentiments. With a transcript or outline in hand, you’ll be less likely to stumble or forget what you wanted to say.

  3. Practice
    You want to make your daughter proud. Unless you’re a professional public speaker, winging it on her wedding day isn’t a good idea. Be sure to practice your wedding toast ideas before the big day.

  4. Time Yourself
    When it comes to wedding speeches, less is more. Time yourself with a goal in mind so you can adjust the length of your speech and your pacing as needed.

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The Formalities

  1. Introduce Yourself
    It’s important to introduce yourself at the beginning of your father of the bride speech. Your family knows who you are, but the groom’s third cousin three times removed might not. Introduce yourself so that everyone knows who’s speaking.

  2. Welcome the Guests
    It’s traditional for the bride’s father to welcome the guests and thank them for coming to celebrate the couple’s special day. Let everyone know you’re glad they made time for this joyful celebration.

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The Good Stuff

  1. Tell a Story
    A great way to launch into the heart of your speech is telling a heartfelt or funny story about your daughter. Choose something meaningful that says something about your relationship with your daughter. But, see the reminders below for important story-related tips.

  2. Welcome Your Son-in-Law to the Family
    Recognize your new son-in-law as a member of the family and welcome him to your family. Your daughter will love seeing you welcome her new spouse with open arms.

  3. Offer Marriage Advice
    Whether you offer serious advice, funny advice, or both, offer some words of wisdom to the bride and groom about how to maintain a happy, healthy marriage. Feel free to draw on your own experience to make this section more personal.

  4. End With a Toast
    The typical end to the father of the bride speech is a wedding toast wishing the bride and groom well in their new life. Give your daughter and her new spouse your best wishes for the future, and ask the guests to raise a glass and join you.

  5. Introduce the Next Speaker
    Typically, the groom is next in the lineup of wedding day speakers. Introduce him and give him the floor so he can publicly announce and celebrate his love for your daughter.

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  1. Don’t Embarrass Her
    You have tons of funny, mortifying stories about your daughter from her childhood. Resisting the temptation to tell them is an important part of mastering how to write a wedding speech. You may think the story of how your daughter loved running around naked before bathtime carrying the shampoo bottle is hilarious, but she probably won’t agree.

  2. Don’t Threaten the Groom
    It’s an age-old joke that a woman’s father likes to intimidate or threaten her partner into taking good care of his little girl. However, bear in mind that you should be welcoming your new son-in-law, not threatening him.

  3. Celebrate Their Love, Not Just Your Daughter
    It may be easy for you to talk about how much you love your little girl and want the best for her. However, her wedding day is about the brand new life she’s forging with her hubby. Use your father of the bride speech to celebrate the happy couple, not just your daughter.

What tips do you have for how to write a wedding toast?

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