Modern and Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year


Modern and Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year

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Congratulations! You've made it through one, ten, maybe even fifty years of marriage, and that is definitely cause for celebration. You've made happily ever after work for you, and regardless of the ups and downs and twists and turns that have brought you here, you're here. For decades, couples have used a traditional list of materials associated with each milestone to guide gift giving. A more modern one has come about to increase sales in certain industries and to fill in the blanks. Whichever list you follow, you partner will be thrilled that you put thought, effort, and love into celebrating yet another 365 days devoted to one another.

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Whether you decide to purchase your gift or DIY it, it's the act of giving that shows you care. Remember that actions speak louder than words, and presents louder than actions. There's a bit of extra love put into a homemade gift, which makes DIY anniversary gifts for him and her a bit more special. If you feel as though handmaking a gift doesn't constitute spending enough, pair a purchased present with a complementary craft. For example, gifting the Basket of Firsts with a set of crystal wine glasses or an electronic wine opener (an appliance!) creates an incredibly thoughtful present that your significant other will treasure.

Gifts don't have to be tangible, either. Sometimes the best present can be spending the day together in a meaningful location. Recreate your first date, revisit the spot where you proposed, or go somewhere that "fits" the material for that year. The more creative you get, the more fun you'll have. Instead of giving China, go there! When the material is ivory, take a trip to the zoo instead of buying ivory. The options are endless when you let your imagination run wild, and with this list of wedding anniversary gifts by year, you have everything you need to start planning.

This list of wedding anniversary gifts by year will help get your wheels turning, but for more specific ideas for each year, click "More Anniversary Ideas."


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    1st Paper Clocks/Plastic Paper- Free Spirit dinner for two, Why I Love You Mason Jar Gift, DIY Instagram Photobook
Clocks-Steampunk Cuff Links

More First Anniversary Gift Ideas
    2nd Cotton China Cotton- You & Me DIY Pillows
China- A monogrammed dish
    3rd Leather Crystal/Glass Leather-Clutch Purse, iPhone Case, Leather Wallet
Glass-His and Hers Champagne Flutes, Homemade Etched Wine Glasses
    4th Fruit, Flowers Appliances Fruit- Edible fruit bouquet, vineyard vacation, Basket of Firsts, Fruit Cake
Flowers-Flower-scented perfume, Rose gold watch, Steal My Heart DIY Wreath
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    5th Wood Silverware Wood-A Carved Trunk, Firewood Carrier, Wooden Family Name Sign
Silverware-3-tiered Serving Tray, Silver cuff links
    6th Candy/ Iron Wood/Candy/Amethyst Candy-Scrumptious Chocolate Boxes, Personalized M&Ms, Mustache Pops, Chocolate Bouquet
Iron-Golf clubs, fondue set, grill, Metal Monogram Letter, Wine Box
    7th Wool/ Copper Desk Sets Wool-New York Knit Scarf, Wrapped In Love Blanket, Cashmere Sweater, Camper Cooking Set
Copper- Timeless Tie Clips, Jewelry Box, Copper Bucket for Bar
    8th Bronze/ Pottery Linens/Lace Bronze- Bed Frame, Door Knocker
Lace- Lace Vases, Special-Occasion Tablecloth, Crochet Lace Shawl
   9th Pottery/ Willow Leather Pottery- Cake Plate with His/Her Favorite Cake, A Pottery Class, Jewelry Dish
Willow- Picnic Basket (picnic included), Date under a willow tree, Sun Room Furniture
Leather-Laptop Case, Journal, Shoes
  10th Tin/Aluminum Diamond Jewelry    Tin- Tea Tin with Breakfast in Bed, Martini Shakers, Poker Set, Tin Can Luminaries
Aluminum- Bicycle, iPod, Country Concert (complete with beer cans)
  11th Steel Fashion/Turquoise Jewelry Steel-Cookware, Fire Pit, Tool Belt, Car
Turquoise- Turquoise and Gold Earrings
  12th Silk/ Linen Pearls

Silk- Lingerie, Silk Scarf, Robe
Linen- Summer Scarf, Tropical Trip to Wear Linen Clothes
Pearls- Necklace

  13th Lace Textiles/Furs Lace- Lingerie, Lace Parasol, Oatmeal Lace Cookies (bake together)
Furs- Faux Fur Caplet, Fur and Ribbon Scarf
  14th Ivory Gold Jewelry/Opal Ivory- Night out at a bar with dueling pianists, Trip to Africa, Floral arrangement featuring ivory flowers, VIP zoo passes, his/her favorite food supersized
  15th Crystal Watches Crystal- Chandelier, Monogrammed wine glasses, Dinner underneath a candelabra, Rose Gold Romance Necklace
Watches- WATCH his/her favorite movie privately in a movie theatre, complete with waiters and waitresses, Fancy workout watch with personal training lessons, Vintage Timepiece Cufflinks
  16th   Silver Hollowware/Peridot Peridot necklace and earrings, mongrammed or specially designed hollowware
  17th   Furniture Outdoor Rustic Tables
  18th   Porcelain/Cat's Eye Jewelry Clay Ring Plates (use porcelain clay)
  19th   Bronze/Aquamarine Gemstone Slice Coasters
  20th China Platinum/Emerald China- Trip to its namesake, Tiffany's China, Hand-Painted Plate, Vintage Cupcake Stand complete with favorite cupcakes
Platinum- Engraved rings, Cuff links
Emerald-Tickets to see The Wiz, Wicked, or The Wizard of Oz, Emerald dress with reservations at a fancy restaurant
  21st   Brass/Nickel Musical Instrument, Outing to see a jazz performance
  22nd   Copper Copper jewelry or cookware
  23rd   Silver plate Silver serving platter
  24th   Musical instruments Outing to the ballet, orchestrea, or favorite band/musician's show
  25th Silver Sterling silver Silver- Pocketwatch, Engraved pen with a handwritten love note, Monogrammed serving tray with breakfast in bed, Tickets to the country that won the most silver medals in the most recent Olympics
  26th   Original pictures Instagram Photobook
  27th   Sculpture Take an art class together, go sculpture-shopping for your home, buy a beautiful outdoor sculpture for your lawn
  28th   Orchids Special deliver the orchids to her office or workplace
  29th   New furniture Go furniture shopping together or handcraft a special table or chair
  30th Pearl Diamond Pearl- Trip to Hawaii, Pearl Earrings, Pretty Pearl Headpiece complete with a vow renewal ceremony, Watch with mother of pearl face
Diamond- Signed baseball bat, Season tickets to his favorite baseball team, her engagement ring reset, a trip to New Orleans complete with Diamond Beignets
  31st   Time Pieces His/Hers wrist watches, a special monogrammed wall clock
  32nd   Conveyances (e.g., automobiles, bicycles etc) Ride a tandem bicycle together, go dirt-biking for a cool adventure, take a vacation and go jetskiing
  33rd   Amethyst Amethyst rings, necklaces, or earrings
  34th   Opal Opal cufflinks and jewelry
  35th Coral Jade Coral- Trip to Australia to see The Great Barrier Reef, Fancy seafood dinner, Homecooked, candlight dinner with Coral Candlesticks, Chess set made of coral fossil stone
  36th   Bone china An antiqued set of bone china dishes
  37th   Alabaster An abalaster statuette or brooch
  38th   Beryl/Tourmaline Jewelry or Cufflinks
  39th   Lace Wedding dress restoration, antiqued lace items
  40th Ruby Ruby/Garnet Ruby- Trip to DC with a stop at the Smithsonian to see Dorothy's slippers, Picnic complete with ruby red wine, Personalized wine box
  41st   Land Buy a cottage or a timeshare together for future vacations
  42nd   Improved real estate Renovate one room to reflect each of your dream home improvement ideas
  43rd   Travel Take a trip to one place you have both always wanted to go, take photos and create a photo book.
  44th   Groceries Go apple, strawberry, or fruit picking together. Bake or make dinner with whatever you pick.
  45th Sapphire Sapphire Sapphire- Attend a concert at The House of Blues, buy his/her favorite blues record and a record player, Sapphire tie tack, jewlery
  46th   Original poetry Re-write your vows and read the new ones to each other.
  47th   Books Give each other a photo book with your favorite photos through the years in them.
  48th   Optical goods (e.g. telescope, sunglasses, etc.) Go stargazing at your planetarium, such as the Adler Planetarium in Chicago.
  49th   Luxuries, any kind Spa day, vacation, giftcards.
  50th Gold Gold Gold jewelry and cufflinks
  55th Emerald Emerald/Turquoise Emerald-Tickets to see The Wiz, Wicked, or The Wizard of Oz, Emerald earrings with reservations at a fancy restaurant
  60th Diamond Gold/Diamond Diamond- Signed baseball bat, Season tickets to his favorite baseball team, her engagement ring reset, a trip to New Orleans complete with Diamond Beignets
  75th Diamond Diamondlike Stones/Gold Jewelry
  80th   Diamond/Pearl Jewelry
  85th   Diamond/Sapphire Jewelry
  90th   Diamond,/Emerald Jewelry
  95th   Diamond/Ruby Jewelry
100th   10 Carat Diamond Jewelry




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