Bridal Party Advice: How to Not Drive Your Maid of Honor Crazy


Bridal Party Advice: How to Not Drive Your Maid of Honor Crazy

Planning a wedding can be a stressful experience. Learn how maid of honor duties can be accomplished without driving your best gal pal crazy.

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Bridal Party Advice How to Not Drive Your Maid of Honor Crazy

Planning a wedding can be a stressful experience for everyone involved. But it's also a lot of fun! In order to ensure you get hitched without a hitch, check out this Bridal Party Advice: How to Not Drive Your Maid of Honor Crazy. You'll find tips and tricks for the best ways to accomplish maid of honor duties while still keeping your sacred friendship in tact. After all, maintaining a close bond with your girlfriends is more important than making sure every handmade favor looks professional quality. Read below to learn how to navigate the wedding planning process and incorporate your bridal party with ease, grace, and appreciation.

Organize, Organize, Organize!

One of the most important ways to keep your maid of honor sane during the wedding planning process is to stay organized and plan ahead of schedule as much as possible. Being able to knock out as many tasks as possible in the first few months is key. A lot of stress is brought on by the pressure you feel as you plan your wedding and the big day approaches, so give you and your girlfriends a break and take care of as many details as you can once you have that shiny bauble on your finger.

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Don't Be Afraid to Communicate

A lot of confusion arises when you and your maid of honor do not communicate properly. Don't forget - no one is a mind reader, so if you want things done a certain way, you're going to have to be the one to express your thoughts and feelings. Take the bridal shower, for example. If you are envisioning a high-class affair complete with champagne and roses, but your maid of honor is planning a more low-key party, then it's perfectly acceptable to communicate your vision. As long as you speak in a respectful manner, your best friend will be more than receptive. After all, she wants to do everything in her power to make you happy in the months and weeks leading up to your big day!

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Resist Bridezilla Moments

A few bridezilla moments here and there are practically inevitable. When the stakes are high and you want everything to be "just so," it's easy to freak out when things don't go according to plan. We're here to tell you nothing in life is perfect, so no matter how much you plan, there will most likely be a few snafus on the road to "I Do." The most important part is how you react to these moments and how you treat those around you. Since we tend to lash out on those closest to us, it's helpful to take a few deep breaths, say a calming mantra, and remember everything will be OK. Your maid of honor wants to do her best and make you happy, so be appreciative of her assistance and friendship. No one is perfect and if you communicate well, like we mentioned before, you can avoid a lot of the drama that can easily arise within bridal parties.

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Be Mindful of the Budget

Everyone has a budget - even the wealthiest people in the world have some sort of parameters when it comes to how much money they're willing to spend. Make sure you're being respectful of your maid of honor's budget. The same goes for the rest of your bridesmaids. They are excited to be in your bridal party and want to help make your wedding the best it can be, but keep in mind how much you're asking them to spend on the bridal shower, bachelorette party, dress, shoes, accessories, hair, makeup. The list could seemingly go on and on. Your maid of honor may bear even more expenses due to her special role, so be cognizant of the fact that everyone has a limit. If your heart is set on an elaborate destination bachelorette bash, then perhaps you can offer to chip in to cover a portion of the cost of airfare, hotel, or activities. You may be the bride, but that doesn't give you the right to drain your friends' bank accounts.

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Your Maid of Honor is Not Your Personal Assistant

It can be seriously tempting to view your maid of honor as your personal assistant in the period leading up to your big day, but you need to remember she has her own life and her own responsibilities outside of her wedding planning duties. It's crucial to respect her time and give her a break when she seems overwhelmed by work, family, or anything else. Sure, your best friend wants to help you as much as possible, but not at the expense of her own commitments. Once you draw a distinction between close friend gently guiding you through the wedding planning process and 24/7 personal assistant, both you and your gal pal will be much happier. Hire a full-time wedding planner if you crave the latter - someone who is actually paid to fulfill your every request.

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What's your best advice when it comes to respecting the members of your bridal party?

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I can appreciate the tips in this post. I've seen plenty of brides become so insistent on the "duties" of bridesmaids, treating them like personal assistants rather than friends who are helping to make her day special. I love the reading suggestions listed here, too. I've helped with a couple of my friends weddings and had really good experiences because expectations were worked out right at the beginning. I think this would be a good guide for any bride and her maids.


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